Hello again!

Hello hello! It's been a while. It's me, Jasmine. And don't tell me you've forgotten about me... Right now, my brother Garcia, Sheba, Sukureta and I are just starting out on a brand new adventure together. It's very exciting, and we're rather busy, but I can show you a couple of things we've experienced so far.

Take a look at these cliffs! And also that narrow, flimsy looking rope. You mean we're all going to have to become tightrope walkers?!? Ah, not that I'm scared or anything...
Exactly what was that... living thing we found by accident while wandering around on a night with a full moon? I don't think it was a monster, but...

That's all for this time. There was lots of other things we found, but my head is still spinning, and I can't quite sort them all out yet. After I've had a chance to settle down a bit, I'll be back to report more to all of you. I promise!

*Screen shots are from development versions
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