Character Introduction

 I'm not finished yet...

 Psyenergist of water, Alex. The supposed guardian of the Lighthouse of Mercury (Water) and Alchemy, he instead choose to light the flame and aid in the search for the secrets of the lost art. What is he planning? Is he an enemy, or a friend? Many mysteries suround him.

 Aparently one of the same tribe as Satyuros. He is hurrying light the fire before Garcia gets to the Lighthouse.
He's said to be the strongest warrior of the Fire Clan, and his special techniques are the very files of the Inferno itself.

 Gasuto, who is travelling with Agadio, is none other than Menardi's younger sister I'm told. And she's very, very interested in finding Robin and his friends who defeated her sister...
She...she's rather cute, hmm?

 Well, are your preparations made? Wayard is waiting for you.


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