Character Introduction

 Harumph, ah, hello, hello. You may remember me, Sclater? You probably at least recognize these faces, but I'm going to introduce them all anyways... After all, we've all aged a bit.

 The hero of our story: earth psynergist Garcia.
Why did he agree and continue to travel with Satyuros and Menadi? And why did he risk his own life to rescue Sheba? Questions perhaps you should try to find the answers to...

 Jasmine, the fire psynergist who was taken hostage by Satyuros and Menadi.
Believing reconciliation possible with her childhood friend now turned enemy Robin and his friends, she contines traveling with Garcia. And remains a hardheaded and stubborn lass to boot!

 Regarded as a 'child of the Gods' and treated as a living treasure by those of Raripero Town, Sheba is a wind psynergist.
She had been placed under house arrest in Tolbi by Babi, but after a strange series of events, Garcia rescued her and she now journeys with him.

 Psyenergist of water: Picard. We first set eyes on him when he was locked away in a prison.
I'm not sure I can describe the feeling I suddenly got upon seeing him. At any rate, he's very useful in a fight.


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