Use the names you like!
  Not only Robin's name, but did you know you can actually rename all of our names? I can hear some of you who cleared the game screaming 'WHAT? NOW you tell me.' but... *cough* Well, you can also rename the player characters from the 'lost age'. So, try the command below. If you enter it properly, you'll hear a 'pikiiin' sound so you'll know quickly, right or wrong.

Robin, Gerald, Mary and Ivan

If you do it right, you'll go to a name entry screen.

The above 4 + the 3 'Lost Age' player characters

This is the same.

  Take a little care in naming the characters to make sure you don't get confused when playing the 'Lost Age'. Ah, and also don't name Garcia 'brother', or poor Jasmine will sound like a fool calling for her 'brother Brother'. ;)


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