Special Super Techniques
  Now, on to a collection of super special techniques. I'll bet there are lots of people who have taken the 'Set only Earth Djinn with Robin' path, hmm? That way it seems his abilites go up the best, right? But, doing that means you'll miss some fantastic graphics and specials, and that's a waste!
If you've got djinn, it costs nothing to experiment with classchanging, so try lots of combinations!

**  NINJA  **
  Ninja have lots of special abilities. A taste of Eastern Mysteries.

Needed djinn:

x 3  x 3

= BambooSpear Technique =
= Izuna Drop =
Impale your foes!
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**  SAMURAI  **
  The Samurai has quite a few special, very strong attacks.

Needed Djinn:

x 4  x 3

= Helmet Splitter =
= Exploding Dragon =
That's a sure headache!
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Weapon Specials
  To go along with the various class special attacks, there are also special attacks associated with weapons! Even with wand/rod type weapons that aren't all that strong in battle, there are lots of fun specials that are useful too. So when you see that item in the specialty shop, buy it!

= Kikuichimonji =
= Silver Blade =
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You can find this in Raribero Town
= Holoscope Wand =
= Assassin Sword =
You can also drop foes with this...
Look in the fountain in Torebi


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