Have you tried Communication Battles?
  At the end of our last entry, 'Enemy Robin' showed up, but if you've played the game, you've already realized I hope what that was. You guessed it, it was a scene from the Communication Battles! Get a Game Boy Advanced communication cable, and you can pit the characters you've carefully grown up against those of a friend.

**  Let's Battle!  **
  Turn on the power, select the first icon on the right, Battle Stage, and you'll end up here. What? You say you've never seen this before?
  In a communication battle, you can only have 3 characters participate. Which should you use, and what djinn will you send with them? How about class changing, and weapons, and armor? Lots of things to think about, lots of ways to engage your friend in white hot battles.With my low defense strength, I tend to be left out of these... *sigh*
  The man behind the counter will tell you your win/loss record. And if you look on the wall you'll see the highest consecutive win count displayed. Easy to brag that way, hmm?

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When you're alone...
  When you're alone, you can enjoy the Monster Battle mode. You can face off with all of the monsters you've encountered so far in a survival battle. Test your might and skill and see how long you can keep fighting. Just the other day, that monster showed up and scared me silly.

**  Let's Battle for Survival  **
  In a Monster Battle, everyone can participate. See how long you can go.
See those fighters talking about djinn? Wonder what kind of a plan they're putting together. Perhaps you should listen in?
  Ah, yes, that's a good thing to remember. Djinn who are on standby can be used quickly to summon.

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  Hmm, yes, that's an interesting idea too.

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  Ahh, what to do? Set djinn give you class changes, but...

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