Djinn Activity Cycle

  When you use in battle the djinn that have joined you, for a short while you are unable to set them again. I didn't know this at first, but after use them to summon powerful spirits, they will enter 'recovery mode' until they regain their power. While they are recovering you cannot set them again, but after they regain all their power they will automatically return to the set state.
  I made this simple diagram to explain all this.

Class Change during battle!?

  During battle, if you use djinn, they go to standby mode and you switch to a djinn-less class. Of course, this changes what Energy you can use, so think carefully about when you should use djinn. And of course, you can't use djinn for summoning unless they are on standby, so... lots of things to think about and plan for in a battle. Makes my head itch.

Summoning Jiraffu
Summoning Kyubere


*Screenshots are from development versions
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