Class Change

  After we had found and befriended many djinn, we tried exchanging Robin and a few djinn. Wow, what results!Our powers were altered! Boy, were we surprised. Not only altered, but we were able to perform a classchange too! A classchange is, um, like a promotion in other worlds, I guess.
  Ah, enough words, let's see it!
Seeing and doing is far easier to understand. Look carefully now.

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Swordsman Robin sets 2 djinn!
2 Earth Djinn

2 Fire Djinn

2 Water Djinn

So many choices...

  The fact that your battle power and quickness changes when you 'set' a djinn is something we learned earlier from Mary, but I certainly didn't expect that we could change classes and even the Energy we can use. Very surprising.
Each class is aparently determined by

Previous elemental affinities + which element djinn are set + how many djinn are set

Remember this.
  Setting and exchanging djinn can be done anytime and anywhere outside of battle. When a new fellow joins your party, testing all the class change options can take the entire rest of the day. I really want to find more djinn to raise my combat power.


*Screenshots are from development versions
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