Character Introduction

  I'll also introduce you to some other nice people.

  A Fire Energist, Jasmine grew up with Robin and me. During that night of the huge boulder 3 years ago she lost all of her family...
  She's cute, but more than a little headstrong.

  Jasmine's brother Garcia was lost and presumed dead 3 years ago during that horrible night. Has some sort of debt to Satyuros and Menardi.

  A strange, evil appearing man who arrived out of nowhere.
  Aparently knows quite a bit about Alchemy, and is searching for something. Is usually seen in company with Menadi.
  But how does he know about the lost arts? A Fire Energist, he seems to have mastered much of the use of Energy through much training.

  Menadi is traveling with Satyuros, searching out the secrets of Alchemy. A beautiful woman, but she is merciless to those who become her foe.
  She is also a Fire Energist.

  Alex, yet another person who travels with Satyuros and Menadi.
  A handsome man, almost the perfect gentleman, he's a hard man to understand.
  Is he friend or foe?

  The long lost Garcia is really still alive... and appears infront of us as an enemy! What's going to happen from here on out, and how will these people affect our future?  Menadi scares me...


*Screenshots are from development versions
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