Character Introduction

  Hey, don't tell me it's late. Here again, let me introduce to you those you'll be adventuring with.

  The central character of our story, Robin. An Earth Energist. He lost his father to that huge boulder 3 years ago. He still feels that if he had been a better Energist then his father might still be alive, and so practices and trains every day.
  And now, the time for setting forth has come.

  Grandson of Haidia Village's Village Chief. A Fire Energist.
  Practices Energy use every day with Robin, but is really more handy with a sword.

  Raised by the best merchant of Karei Town, an Air Energist. Air Energists are quite rare across Weiard.
  He's the master of unusual Energies like 'Read', the ability to see into people's hearts and minds, as well as able to see things others can't with 'Imagine'.

  A Water Energist. Reportedly lives in the Mercury Lighthouse.
  A specialist with healing Energy, she's someone you want to find early on, I think.


*Screenshots are from development versions
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