Intermediate level Final Test

  Heehee, how'd you do? Do you have a better idea about the finer parts of the uses of Energy? Well, to round it all off, lets have a little test, the Energy Intermediate Uses Exam
We want to go to the east overhang, but it's a bit too far to jump. In this case, what would you do? If you've paid attention so far, you'll know what to do already!
So, look carefully, and think hard. When you think you've got it, click on the screenshot. If you figure it out quickly, you're already well on your way to being an expert Energist.

* If only we could...

  Well, that's all for this time.Did you figure out the exam? Even if you didn't, it's okay. Just study and practice harder, and you will soon be using Energy like second nature.


  Next time, Gerald is scheduled to present 'The Secrets of Djinn, part 2'. Look forward to it, and be well until next time!


*Screenshots are from development versions
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