Summoning is possible with the help of Djinn!

  When we used the djinn in battle, they revert to Standby mode(after setting once, they revert). However, while they are freely flying around, they can combine to summon a powerful ally!
Yes! Did you notice the change on the top page this time? It now shows many djinn combining to form
Look! Robin, with the djinn's help, is summoning Progune now!

* Summoning Progune! *

 There are still lots of mysteries surronding Djinn. We've finally started to become comfortable using (keeping?) Djinn, but with all the possibilites they enshroud, this is all that we're able to show you so far. We still have a lot of studying and practicing to do...
After we've increased our Energy Level and learned more, we'll tell you more!


- Ivan


*Screenshots are from development versions
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