Should you Set djinn, or shouldn't you?

  Just having djinn accomplishes nothing. You must Set them to use them properly.

"Huh? What is this Set" I can hear you ask.
Well, djinn who are 'Set' are like little birds perched on your head and shoulders, while djinn on
standby are just sort of flying freely around you. Can you get a mental picture of that?

The Djinn in Battle

  Just a while ago we first tried to use djinn in battle. Even among the same family of djinn, they have different abilities and preferences, and each djinn has many ways they can help out.
This time we'll show you the abilites of the water djinn Marchin and the earth djinn Karuku.
Try and use both djinn (click on them) and see what happens.

Water Djinn Marchin test
Earth Djinn Karuku test


*Screenshots are from development versions
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