There are many djinn of a any one type.

  You already know that djinn are spirits of the 4 elements, right? As we have adventured, we've been lucky to have several djinn join us.

  • Djinn of Earth (Venus family) : Karuku
  • Djinn of Fire (Mars family)
  • Djinn of Water (Mercury family) : Marchin
  • Djinn of Air (Jupiter family)

In this way, not just one of each family, but several from each seem to be around.
There are djinn everywhere, from hiding in towns and around other Energists (normal people can't see them, aparently), to ones that show up in battle to test our prowess. Finding them and getting them to join you can be quite a chore!

 Oh, I wanted to tell you. Just recently I found some djinn in an unusual way. Using my speciality, the Energy
Imagine, I'll show you all what we saw! Just mouse over the images below!

I really didn't expect to find djinn here...


*Screenshots are from development versions
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