The Spirits of 4 Elements

 'What is a djinn really?' is a question we had too, so we asked a knowledgable old man about them. According to the ancent laws of Alchemy, the whole world is made up of 4 elements. 'Earth', 'Fire', 'Water', and 'Air'. And each of these elements has 'elemental spirits' associated with them, and these spirits are commonly called djinn.

+*+*+ Secret Djinn Diary 1 +*+*+
 We were walking in the forest when suddenly Gerald shouted out"Look! An Earth Djinn, Venus!", startling me badly. Venus was also really startled, and didn't try to escape, so we decided to try and catch it! When you capture a djinn, your Energy power goes up! Now that we know this, we're going to try hard and capture more.

Djinn Introduction

Djinn of Earth = Venus =
Representing the land and living things.

'Earth' is the source of life.

Djinn of Fire = Mars =
Representing fire and heat, power and rage.

Djinn of Water = Mercury =
Symbolizing cleanliness, peace, healing, recovery and cooling.

Djinn of Air = Jupiter =
Space, speed and heights are represented.

+*+*+ Secret Djinn Diary 1 +*+*+
 Through good luck we were able to capture a Venus, but really didn't feel our energy power had increased all that much.
But then... What do you mean we have to
'Set (equip like you would a sword)' first? Ahhh, why didn't you tell us that sooner? Well, remember to 'Set' your djinn before you practice your Energy.


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