Travelling Friends
Take a look at the four people in the center of the illustration below. They are obviously in the middle of a grand adventure!
Oh yes, before I forget. A person who can command Energy is called an
Energist. All of us are Energists!
From here on, what kind of people will we meet, and where might we go... Ah, but before that I must practice my Energy!

Robin (center)
Main character, and my best friend since childhood.A 17 year old Earth Energist.

Gerald (left)
That's me. A Fire Energist, and quite strong. Also 17.

Mary (top)
Water Energist. Always healing us up after battle, a very important friend. 17 years old.

Ivan (right)
A rare Air Energist. He's got many special Energies that he can use. 15 years old.


*Screenshots are from development versions
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